Attract, Casinos

The casinos that attract.

The casino has become a symbol of a prosperous life. They do not have a place for those who do not have a round sum on the plastic card, who have never tasted a tuxedo in their lives. Is it any wonder that the most expensive and luxurious buildings belong to the gamblers of the gaming business. The largest capitals revolve around recognized world entertainment centers.

Without a doubt, the most expensive casinos are in Las Vegas and in Singapore. The cost of construction alone is estimated at billions of dollars. Each new grand opening almost always means even more dizzying budgets.

So, CityCenter Las Vegas opened at the end of 2009, cost the customer $ 9,000,000,000. They went to the construction of 4 hotels, the actual casino and many venues for the entertainment of the most respected public. The total area of the complex exceeds 1.5 million square meters. m. The record is the area of the land plot allocated for the institution. It is noteworthy that half of the required amount was contributed by an investor from the Arab Emirates. It is known that in the countries that strictly adhere to the Sharia, gambling establishments are illegal.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, which has been hosting visitors since mid-2010, has become famous for its huge number of guest apartments (there are 2561 of them). On the territory of a grandiose structure with a height of 200 meters you can have fun in 2 theaters, several museums and in the magic sky park Sky Park. On the roof directly under the stars is the world’s largest 150-meter pool. In bars and rest places here at the same time can rest almost 4 thousand people. The cost of the project is $ 5.5 billion.

There in Singapore on the island helps to drain all the money Resorts World Sentos worth 5.45 billion dollars. The highlight of the complex is the largest oceanarium on the planet. It is noteworthy that the casino brought its owners profit only in 2010 in the amount of $ 2 billion.

The Venetian Macao. The leader in the market of world casinos is now the autonomy of Macao, whose total profit is several times greater than the profit of the well-known Las Vegas. Built in the midst of seven luxury hotels, the dominant Macau casino, impresses the customers both inside and out. For entertainment is offered a play area of 51 thousand square meters. The cost of this establishment is estimated at $ 2.4 billion

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