The biggest losses in the casino.

Casino is a big and tough business. In the casino you can win a large sum, but you can lose. Some players leave here seven-, eight- and even nine-digit amounts. On the big losses in the casino you have to remember when making big bets.

The title of the biggest loser player belongs to the American businessman Terry Watanabe. In one year he lost in the casino astronomical amount – 205 million dollars. The game of Terry usually gathered crowds of tourists. They enthusiastically followed the incredible moves that brought the losses.

In 1999, one of the most famous players of our time, Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer set a record loss in the UK. For three weeks, the Australian lost in the casino in London almost 28 million dollars. There is information that over 10 months the media tycoon has lost more than $ 40 million. But this did not stop Packer. He continues to play in the best casinos in the world. It is worth noting that he also won a big one. In 1997, he managed to get on the list of lucky ones. He took $ 20 million from Las Vegas. Many casinos were afraid of him. He played for big money and could devastate the casino during the evening.

In 1992, the Japanese developer Akio Kashiwaghi was considered one of the most reckless players. He owns a record of losses in baccarat. For one session in the casino, he lost $ 10 million.

Syrian Farud al-Zayat decided to try his luck at a London casino and play roulette. That night the Syrian lost 3.5 million dollars. But this did not stop him. He continued to play, losing money. Already in another casino, playing a favorite roulette brought the Syrians another loss. He lost 6.5 million dollars.

Roulette also summed up the car magnate from Greece Frank Sarakakis. In 1994, in a London casino, he lost almost 13 million dollars.

The biggest and fastest losing roulette belongs to the media mogul Robert Maxwell. In just three minutes in the casino, he lost $ 2.4 million.

The people we talked about are far from being poor. And these losses did not lead to any life catastrophes. But anyone can comprehend such a fate. The desire to win pushes people to the most insane rates. It is because of the desire to win that people lose their fortunes. We must learn to keep sober sanity and coolness during the game.