Gambling is popular among people with “hot” blood, from time immemorial throughout the world. One God knows when the first bet was made.

Many people play casinos just for fun. But most players want to make a profit. In the casino there are many interesting entertainments. There is no person who could not imagine what a wheel of Fortune looks like. This gambling is the most famous in the world. She is often called the queen of the casino. And she does not deserve such a title.

Who and when came up with the roulette? The name of the creator is not known. Among the possible candidates are a certain monk, Pascal, Francois Blanc and others. But there is a version according to which the basic concept of the roulette was invented by Pascal – a French mathematician of the seventeenth century. Allegedly, he invented it by accident, conducting experiments to create a perpetual motion machine. The word << Roulette >> in French means nothing else than a wheel. The first institution, in which visitors were invited this entertainment was discovered in the eighteenth century in France. The profits from the game were very high

Playing roulette seems simple. Yes, it is so. But she has her secrets. How can you solve these secrets and use them for earnings? The main secret – do not try to arrange a race with the casino. It is important to catch that time when you will win. Then immediately get out of the house.

A lot of interesting stories are connected with this game. Here’s one of them. In 2012, in the Royal Panda Casino – during the game of roulette, the number 19 fell seven times in a row. The probability of such a sequence of identical numbers is 1: 3,000,000,000.

In the history of the casino there were people who managed to beat the roulette. True, all of them either acted fraudulently, or found shortcomings in their structure, which they cleverly used for their own purposes.

Do not get hung up on one game! Your goal is to find games in which you will feel most comfortable and at ease. If during the game you feel uncomfortable, you need to either choose a new game, or choose a new casino. Look for the best! You bet your money, so choose wisely! And the main rule of any game is to be able to stop in time. Excitement is not the best assistant in an effort to disrupt a decent jackpot.