Beat the casino

People who managed to beat the casino.

Many believe that playing in a casino is a waste of money. And there is no chance for victory. Of course, you can lose in the casino. But history knows many examples when players managed to win really huge sums. These names are already inscribed in the history of the casino.

The waitress Cynthia Jay in 2000 decided to look after the work shift in the casino and play in the slot. She did not plan to play big. In the pocket of the girl was only 27 dollars. At first, she lost the dollar for the dollar and was already thinking about leaving. Suddenly there was a sound, informing all casinos about the winning of the jackpot. The girl was very lucky – she won 34 million 959 thousand 458 dollars. So Cynthia Jay became the owner of the biggest win at that time in slot machines in the world. In order to earn such a sum as a waitress, she would have to work 1165 years.

In March 2003, Cynthia’s record was beaten by a 25-year-old American programmer who decided to remain incognito. A young man before the start of the match in basketball, decided to throw a couple of coins in a slot machine. He won about 40 million dollars.

Lovely elderly American Johanna Hindle decided in 2002 to celebrate her birthday in Las Vegas. It from the first time won 22.6 million dollars.

Every year in Las Vegas is the famous poker tournament. It was at one such tournament that the Swede Martin Deckenf tore the biggest jackpot in the history of legal poker – 2 million 728 thousand dollars.

In 1989, Elmer Sherwin put $ 100 on the line and broke the $ 5 million jackpot from the very first attempt. After 16 years, he again returned to this slot. And again fate was again favorable to him. This time, his winnings amounted to 21 million dollars. Sherwin, without spending any effort, was able to ensure the life of himself and his descendants.

Recently, the Internet casino is becoming more popular. And here, too, have record holders. The largest prize in the history of online casinos was 17.8 million euros! A record jackpot was won by a resident of Helsinki. For him it was an unremarkable day. He played at a rate of only 25 cents. And now, just half an hour lying on the couch, the player became a millionaire!